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December 2011

The Kitchen Sync

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We’ve all heard that saying, “You can’t take it with you.”  Now, you can… least when it comes to your favorites, button bar, history and various settings in Google Chrome.

Chrome is fast and it’s minimalism is great, two reason’s I switched to it back in the day.  I still use it because it’s fast but also because of the different extensions and the various development that has gone into the product.  Being able to sync Chrome settings from one computer to another and have that same familiar feel is a great addition.
To access the sync feature, you will need to upgrade Chrome to the latest version (16.0.912.63).  To do that click on the wrench in the upper right-hand part of the window, then About Google Chrome, and in the next window the update will start to happen automagically (yes, it’s a real word….go ahead and look it up.)
Once updated and you have restarted your browser session simply click on the wrench again and then Sign into Chrome. Use your Google Apps account to sign in and then select the items that you want to sync.  It’s that simple.
If you want to see a bit more, feel free to view the video below or visit Google’s Chrome blog on this feature.

Out of Office, Out of Time, Outside, Outerspace

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With the holidays here, most of us will be taking a little time off.  While you’re gone, don’t forget to change your voice mail greeting.  Along with that, why not let those who send you an email, while you are taking that much needed vacation, know that you are gone using the Vacation Responder in Gmail.
To access, simply click on gear icon, then Settings, and then scroll down to the Vacation Responder section.  Turn it on, select the dates you are going to be gone, and a message you would like your recipient to receive.  You even have the option to send responses to just those in your address book and/or your company.  Once done, click on the Save Changes button.  That’s all there is to it!
Want further instructions?  Visit the “Setting an automatic vacation response” support page.
Have a great HOLIDASEASON!