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April 2012

Printing… from Pluto?

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Have you ever needed to print something and you were away from your printer?  We’ve all been there at some point.  Google Cloud Print allows you to print from anywhere to any of your printers.  Maybe not from Pluto but hey, if there were an internet connection?  Hmmmm….

Cloud Print is a new technology that allow you to connect your printers to the web.   Whether you’re on the road, visiting a client’s office, or at your friend’s home you can print to your Google Cloud Print connected printer anytime, anywhere.

What happens if you can’t get back to your printer to get your print job when you really need it?  No problem, you can now use Cloud Print to send your print job to any FedEx Office locale.
So, if you need to print something in a pinch, use Google Cloud Connect.  Printing….from the cloud….made easy!
*Currently not available on Pluto.