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August 2012

Are Big Tech Companies Just That Nice?

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In the past few months we have received calls from clients saying that a big tech company, like Microsoft, contacted them saying that they have detected a virus, malware, or some type of issue on their PC.  Pretty nice of them right?

Does this really happen?  Are these big tech companies just that nice?  In a lot of cases, they are great to work with…but this is NOT one of those cases.  Microsoft, or any other tech company, is not going to pick up the phone to let you know that there is something wrong with your PC let alone software on your PC.  They have already put measures in place (think “Patch Tuesday” and automatic updates here people) that help prevent a lot of these types of issues.  Can you imagine the amount of phone calls that they would be making?  A lot of phone calls…a LOT…of…phone calls!

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