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How I.T. Business Services Got Started

Nearly every business relies heavily on their technology to complete their regular operations. There are many considerations that are related to this, which is why it is vital to find an I.T. company you can trust. I.T. Business Services was founded in 2009. We are dedicated to providing high-quality solutions for small businesses and their owners in order to protect your business and improve your operation.

Here at I.T. Business Services, we believe in providing improved solutions for your business. A cloud-based solution helps to protect your data and ensure that it is available from wherever you have internet access. We understand the regular frustrations that are consistent with broken or otherwise malfunctioning equipment that interrupts the processes of your business. Though we are capable of resolving issues when they arise, we believe that the better approach is to improve the system and prevent the breakdowns in the first place.

In order to improve the operations of your business, we partner with many companies, such as RingCentral, Google, Microsoft, and others, including internet service and other VoIP providers. This helps to provide you with the comprehensive solutions that you need for your business. There’s no need to shop around individually to meet your business’s I.T. needs. From installation to tech support, we are up to the challenge of meeting your business’s requirements. Here at I.T. Business Services, we are dedicated to providing you with a better way to handle your technological needs.

Founder & CEO

I.T. Business Services was founded by Steve Trauba in 2009. After serving various leading technical roles for companies like IBM, Lenovo and LANDesk Software, Steve realized there was a major problem with the way smaller businesses approached I.T. and saw an opportunity in the solutions provided through implementing cloud-based services. Through the business philosophy of focusing on the goals of our clients’ companies, Steve Trauba’s vision has helped many businesses find the solutions they need to grow and scale successfully.

Steve has been a part of the I.T. industry for over 30 years and served for 12 years in the U.S. Army National Guard in various leadership roles.


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