Backing Up Your Text Messages – 101

SMS Backup +

So there you were….reviewing your most recent email when suddenly your phone dies.  You try and try and try some more, to get it back up and running.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zippo.  You put in a call to your carrier’s tech support for help.  After working with them for sometime, they finally tell you that you are going to need to reset your phone and all your data will be lost.

So you think to yourself, that’s not going to be so bad.  So you’ll have to reinstall apps and re-configure the look and feel of your phone.  Big deal!  Your email and contacts are safe and sound in Gmail.  Nice!  And your documents are good to go on your Google Drive.  No worries!

You think a bit more, “Hmmmm… I missing anything?  CRAP!!!  My text messages!  They’re gone!”  Yep, you are correct.  They are indeed gone.  How do you prevent this from happening the next time?  Can you even backup your text messages?  Hazzah!  You can indeed!
Android Users
For those of us using Android devices and Gmail or Google Apps, enter a simple app called SMS Backup +.  SMS Backup + is free app you install on your Android device and configure to AUTOMAGICALLY (yes, it’s a real word…click the link) backup you text messages to your Gmail account.  There are several different apps in the Google Play store that do the same thing, but what sets SMS Backup + apart from the others is that it’s straightforward and easy to use.
Here’s how it works, once you have configured your email address in the app, it then creates a label in Gmail called “SMS.”  SMS Backup + starts to backup your current, and any future, text messages to Gmail under the SMS label.  At that point, you can view and search any of your text messages via the Gmail interface.  If you need to restore the text messages to your phone, no problem, SMS Backup + will do it.
What about Call Logs?  It’ll back those up too.  Just look for the Gmail label, “Call Logs.”  Look for support to back up MMS messages in the future.
iOS Users
iOS has several options as well.  Probably the easiest method is to use your iCloud account to perform these backups.  There are also several apps in the iTunes App Store that allow you to manually backup your messages, but nothing automatic like SMS Backup +.  If you are interested in any of these apps, just search for “SMS Backup” or “SMS Export” in the App Store.
As always, if you have questions or want to drop us a line, feel free to do so.  We’d love to chat with you
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