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By November 6, 2012News

Are you backing up your data?  If not, why not?  Is it a hassle?  Do you forget to do it? Is it just one of those things that you have on your list of things to do and will “get to” when you have more time?

I work with a lot of different clients, from individuals to businesses, and a large percentage do not backup their data.  So I always ask the question, “What would you do if you lost all your family pictures?  What would you do if you lost company data, like Quickbooks?”  First they will say “cry” and then they start to think about it a bit more and they will inevitably tell me, “You know, I don’t know what I would do.”

Backup, Backup, Backup…Did I mention you should backup?
Here are two things that I will always recommend to them:
  1. Perform “near-line” storage:  Get an external hard drive and use your operating system’s backup program or manually backup your data to the hard drive.  Hard drives are cheap, relatively easy to use with the backup program, and can be purchased just about anywhere.
  2. Use an online backup service:  Backing up your data to an external hard drive is a GREAT first step.  However, if something happens to that hard drive (i.e.-stolen, crashes, destroyed in a disaster along with your computer, etc), or you don’t keep up on your backup schedule, you will lose that data, possibly forever.  When you use an online backup service, you not only are backing up your data offsite (out of your home or business), protecting it from harm via a vendor’s built in data center redundancy and encryption security, but you take the guess work out of when and what needs to be backed up by using their scheduling software on your computer.  You can even backup that external hard drive if you so choose.

I have worked with and looked at a LOT of different online backup services over the years, and have personally used several on many occasions.  One that I have always been impressed with is SOS Online Backup for Home/Home Office andSOS Online Backup for Business.

SOS has many different options and pricing plans to choose from.  Not only can you back up to five PCs or Macs, but you can backup your iPhone or Android device….all on the same account.  No need to purchase separate accounts for your various devices.
How does SOS compare to the likes of Carbonite and Mozy, a couple of the big players in the online backup market?

Super Fast Backup
Fastest Upload Speeds
Unlimited Versioning
Every Version of Every File Backed Up Forever
(Every one of them)
90 days 30 days
Backup Multiple PC’s
Backup Multiple PCs in Single Account
Military Grade Security
Three-tiered Encryption Security
Social Backup
Protects Your Facebook Account
Automatic archiving of missing files
Auto Delete Auto Delete
Other Features
Continuous Data Backup
File Sharing Capability
iPhone / iPad Backup
Android Access
Access File Via Web
Network Drive Support
Backup to External Hard Drive
Private Key (Ultrasafe) Encryption
PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award
Chat Support, Email Support and Knowledgebase

How does it work?
SOS is pretty straight forward and easy to use.  Once you have signed up for service (see special links below), installed the backup client on your device and have selected what needs to be backed up, you can basically “set it and forget it.”
Sign Up
I.T. Business Services LLC is pleased to announce that we are now an authorized agent for SOS Online Backup for home and business.  By purchasing the SOS backup solution through us, you will receive support, advice and answers to questions on the solution at no additional cost.  And if we can’t answer your question, we know who to contact to get an answer.
To sign up for service, use one of the links below.
If you do not have a current backup solution, give us a shout and let’s chat about what we can do to help.