Password Security… Who needs it, really?

Passwords.  We all use ’em, we all need ’em… or otherwise.  With recent security breaches in the news, (LinkedIneHarmony, etc.) being diligent and vigilant with your password management is key.

According to a recent blog post at OpenDNS, one of the biggest issues is people use weak passwords.  The most common passwords are:  “123456,” “12345,” “123456789,” “password,” or “iloveyou.”  Are you using one of these passwords?  If so, it’s time to change your ways!
A dilemma that everyone struggles with, however, is having different, strong enough passwords for all the sites they visit on the interweb.  The argument is that there is no way to remember all of those passwords, so we will just use one standard password….everywhere, all the time.  Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG!!  Did I mention that it’s wrong?
“So if it’s wrong, Mr. Smarty Pants, how do I come up with strong, unique passwords AND….remember them” you ask?  Enter LastPass!
LastPass Password Manager is a free password management service that plugs into just about any browser like Chrome,FirefoxSafariOpera, or Internet Explorer.  In a nutshell, with LastPass you can auto generate a password based on length, numbers, letters (upper and lower case), special characters, and with a minimal digit count.  Once the password is generated, you can store it, along with the site URL, your login name to the site, any other pertinent info about the site and you can then place it in a category (i.e.-shopping, banking, sports, etc.)  But, that’s not the greatest thing about LastPass.  The greatest thing about LastPass is that the next time you visit, say that shopping site, LastPass willAUTOMAGICALLY enter your login credentials to the site for you.  You don’t even have to remember them!  That’s the beauty of LastPass, you don’t have to remember ANY of your passwords EXCEPT the master password to access your LastPass account!

So let’s review shall we?  We went from, “How am I going to remember all of these passwords?” to “You mean I only have to remember one password from now on using LastPass?”  You got it Sparky.
Now that we’ve moved from using one password everywhere, all the time, to a more secure, convenient method using LastPass, what about that master password we just mentioned above?  Should your LastPass master password be unique and strong?  You better believe it, because it’s the key that unlocks your password kingdom.  Should you change it often?  Yes….yes you should.
What about the security of your password database?  Not to worry because it’s totally encrypted and safe.
What happens if you want to take all your passwords with you, say, on your smartphone?  You can do that with their premium service which is $12/year.  Compare services here.
Coming up with secure passwords, not having to remember them, having access to them where ever you are in a secure manner, and having to remember only ONE password….I’d say that LastPass is pretty much a lifesaver.  Go try it for yourself!
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