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Every now and then we come across an application or a service that we love using and provides so much value that we want to share it with you. Here are a few of our recommendations that can help your business along the way (links are affiliate links).

Private Internet Access

Are you traveling and connecting to unknown networks, like free, public wifi? Private Internet Access is the VPN service that we use when traveling domestically or internationally. Subscription covers up to 10 devices. They have VPN servers all over the world that you can connect to and it is typically our goto VPN service. Use this link if you want a discount!
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Nord VPN

Nord VPN is another fantastic VPN service that we use when connecting to unknown networks, especially free, public wifi. Easily connect to their world-wide network of VPN servers. Subscription covers up to 6 devices and is our goto backup VPN service. Discount available through this link.
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Copper CRM for G Suite

We are a G Suite shop and a Google Cloud partner. There are a boatload of CRMs out there that we researched and this was one of the only ones that we found that had a VERY tight integration with G Suite. One of the great things we like about it is the ability it has to auto-magically enter data into the CRM without having to do anything, like entering a new contact! Use the link to check out the other features.
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Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

We've used a number of different credit cards for business over the years. The Chase Ink Business Preferred, for our business, has been great! Initial sign up bonus of 100,000 points, which is HUGE! If you have employees, you can sign them up at no additional cost. It lets you rack up travel rewards that you can then redeem for travel, cash back, gift cards, experiences, etc. There are a bunch of other perks that you can review via the link below. It is the only business credit card that we use right now.
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All domain service providers are DEFINITELY not created equal and having spent years in the I.T. trenches, we have worked with MANY of them. If you are looking for a domain name, Hover is our preferred vendor when it comes to domain management and we HIGHLY recommend them. We use them to manage our own domains. Great, simple, easy to use interface with no upselling when you are purchasing a domain. Keep all your domains in one place. Click to find a great domain name!
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