Saving Dollars Makes Sense

By October 15, 2013News

Small businesses around the nation pretty much have one thing in common.  They have a phone line or two coming into their business.  Another thing they have in common?  They are paying WAAAAY too much for those phone lines and not receiving any features, except basic ones, like call waiting or caller ID.

Case in point.  I was implementing Google Apps for Business for a small, construction company.  After chatting with them I had found out that they had three phone lines from the local phone company.  Their total bill was $230/month or almost a whopping $2800/yr!  Another business I work with was spending close to $2100/yr. for four phone lines coming into their shop.  To small businesses, these are huge costs!

In both cases, we came up with a solution that would reduce overall yearly costs from $2800 and $2100 respectively to $720 and $960 respectively.  What else did they get?  Big business features at no additional cost!  So how did we do it? What did we do?  We used Ooma Office.
Ooma Office is a phone system that uses your internet connection (VoIP) to place and receive phone calls.  Their residential product, which Ooma Office is based upon, has been rated by a major consumer testing magazine, as the best phone service in the U.S. for 2011 and 2012.
After purchasing the base system ($249) each phone line (up to ten) is just $19.99/month + taxes.  So, right off the bat, a small business can save HUGE money.  Here’s the icing on the cake though.  With this system, you get big business features.  Things like a virtual receptionist that will direct calls, up to 5 extensions for your office folks, 15 virtual extensions for your folks on the road or at their home offices, voicemail for each extension, conferencing, business hour and holiday schedules, music-on-hold, number porting, and oh yeah, there’s caller ID and call waiting too.  And the whole system can be managed from the cloud.
As an authorized Ooma Office VAR, I.T. Business Services sells the Ooma Office product as well as installs, sets up and trains small businesses on how to use the system.
If you are a small business or know an owner of a small business, we can help in either case.  Give us a call or drop us a line.  We’d love to start a conversation to see how we can save any small business money and provide those big business features.