Shazam! Google Keep… an Evernote killer?

By March 13, 2013News

Have you ever had that quick thought come to mind and you immediately reach for those sticky notes?  Of course you have.  We’ve all done it.  Then, we take that note and stick it to our desk, fridge, mirror or dashboard.  Rarely, however, are we back at the spot where that note resides when we need it.  So what do we do?

Enter Google Keep.  Google Keep is an Android app that allows you to quickly capture thoughts, checklists, voice annotations or pictures via your smart device and then stores them in the cloud so that you can access that info from anywhere.
With Google Keep you can:
  • Keep track of your thoughts by notes, lists, and pictures
  • Color code your thoughts
  • Setup home screen widgets to capture thoughts and info quickly
  • Store your notes in the cloud and access them from anywhere